Thursday, May 30, 2013

Living the dream?

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Dear Marly,

I am living in a dream. I wanted to write another blogpost, because there have been some things on my mind. Today, I read the review about of Laura Marling's new album 'Once I was an eagle', which got 5 out 5 stars. That draw my attention. I'd been listening to Laura before, but I don't own any of her albums or her music.
Thank got we have spotify! I did some research: the album was recorded in one day (voice + guitar), which gives it a certain continuing flow. That's why I decided to play the album and listen to it as one piece. And it's just.... hypnotising. Can I say this lady is a f***ing genius?
And isn't she beautiful? I think she's gorgeous.

Then, there's some more. GOOD NEWS. I am trying to organise a concert, together with a friend of mine, who composes classical music. We are quite ambitious and perfectionistic, because we just want this to work. I've contacted a location I liked very much, The Grand Theatre in Groningen (remember?). Today, I got a call. There are a couple possibilities, and maybe we can even get a location FOR FREE! I'm really excited about it, although nothing's sure yet. And there is more good news, which I'm unfortunately not allowed to say yet, because it hasn't been confirmed. I'll tell you soon! Until then, enjoy some music and think of your loving little sister!

Lots of love,


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