Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The succes of FAILURE

Yes, I failed. I started off so optimistic this month, ready to write 50.000 words. And what's more, I wanted to write a new story every day. It would be amazing! I would explore new themes, new ways of writing and I would discover new sides of myself as a writer.

What happened? What happened to that optimism, that determination, that drive? How could I just lose that?

Looking back on July (and the month isn't finished yet, which means I have a voice shouting 'write, write, while you still can!!!' in my head) I think I can safely say that I didn't lose that drive, or the determination. The problem was not a lack of energy, or a writers block, or a lack of ideas, it was the opposite. I once heard that when you are stuck with your writing, it is because you have too much ideas, and you don't know which one is best. That is the same problem I encountered this month.

Let's see what I did do:
1. Made plans for a book, or a series of books (detailed plans, not just thought about it)
2. Started with a radio play.
3. Recorded a song with my lovely sister, then
4. Made a video for that song and uploaded it.
5. Worked on and recorded another cover.
6. Did write 10 short stories, and started even more.

Actually I am pretty proud of myself, even when I didn't succeed with Nanowrimo. Moreover, I have booked tickets to Japan and send all the required documents, so I have done some important, obligatory stuff too. This shows that you always should look at why you failed and what you wanted to achieve in the first place. For me, it wasn't just about the words, it was about developing myself on the creative level. And in that respect, I haven't failed. Yes, I think I'll look upon this failure as a succes.

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