Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Haters gonna hate

Why is there so much hate on the internet? I get that it's easy and safe (because you can make it as anonymous as you wish), but why hate in the first place? Why do people just love to burn people down? I find it slightly disturbing, and really disgusting.

I started thinking about this, when I posted my first song on youtube. It was a cover I did with my band from the song Dissolve Me (by Alt-J - which is an awesome band, btw). I put the link on facebook and was pleased that my friends liked it and my hair looked so nice and shiny and we all sang in key, you get it. Imagine my distress when the next day, the video got 1 dislike.

And another one. And another one. Which made the count: 0 likes, 3 dislikes. Whoa.

What bothered me most, I guess, was not being able to see who disliked my video. Those three people who didn't like my song and hit the dislike button - I'll never know their names and reasons for hitting dislike. And even when they actually respond, who can trace FutureMrsBieber9999 or Culture_Snob21? But of course, this is on micro level.

It seems rather harsh to hate something or someone you don't even know for real, and the more famous the person is, the more hate he/she's bound to get. Let's take our dear Taylor Swift. Now, ms. Swift and I are not going to be BFF's. She's blonde and cheerful and makes shitty music NO HATE! just not my kind of music. She dates. Boys. More than one. Big deal.
I don't LIKE her, but I don't DISLIKE her, because I don't know her. I don't know whether she's a bitch or a sweet angel in real life, but I'm quite sure she's got feelings. And feelings are easily hurt.
So she dated Harry Styles and one Kennedy bloke? That's her business. So, she sings songs about them. Good for her. But how can you say you hate her?

Why do we keep saying 'haters gonna hate' when we can't stop hating each other?

Love, Suze

PS. About the panda: it chose me. I had no choice.

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